Sunday, June 30, 2013

Friday, June 14, 2013

the weave of the world

image archive/blog of artist and weaver Amy Revier

I just read all 85 pages of this blog in one sitting

 Aleana Egan

~ one of a kind garments hand sewn from hand woven cloth by Amy Revier

Thursday, June 13, 2013


a few images found while cataloguing at work

impressions of Japan

from a book on Australian gardens.


light reflection 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

we can walk on water here

Vito Acconci - The Bristol Project, (45:00) 2001

listen here

Look it's a body floating into the land. 
Now it's a body swimming out into the water. 
Now it's the land itself here who is a body, a body of land, it's the water itself that's a body of water
The earth rises away from the shore
A human figure slopes up from the ground
its toes touched the toes of its mirror image, another human figure facing it
the bottom half of this figure is cut into the earth and is filled with water that has dreamed inland
the top half of the figure is a plain of grass that stretches offshore and descends underwater
the monuments have been brought down to earth and made part of land and water
There must be an airport nearby
the shadows of aeroplanes up in the sky are carved here into the ground
Plains are made of grass now and plains are made of water, plains are horizontal, above ground and below ground, plains are inclined toward the ground, and away from the ground

It's ok, don't worry, the sidewalk here is supposed to be water
The water rushes down the sloping street as we walk up it
The wall beside us is a wall of water that feeds the stream
The water washes the wall
Come on, the sidewalk is covered with grating
We can walk on water here

a silence already filled with noises